Sassy Sasha



I’ve been singing and performing since I was 8 years old, and used it as a way to express my personality. Ever since I’ve been involved with all types of different performances. At age 13 thirteen I won a Superior award for my Solo Vocal performance for a theater districts competition. I’ve performances in a lot of school plays as well as professional theatre. I’ve also sang and performed at my dads police job events, as well as performing for the mayor of Miami. Ive also sang, and put on a production with choreographers for my 15th and 18th birthday parties as well. Open mic and Kareoke is something that I also love to very often so I can continue to gain more experience as a performer. I try to take whatever opportunity I can to showcase my talent, because performing is in my heart. Performing is not just what I do but it’s who I am…ITS WHAT I LIVE FOR!!