Celtic Bagpipe Team


Influences & Inspiration:

Many fine Pipers have come across our paths and will continue to do so, some local and many from the UK area and right from Scotland-
Recently, a group called Hunting McLeod that was a big influence for both Brock and I. The South Florida Pipe and Drum Academy with instructors have been a great influence. Pipe and Drum Bands along with Scottish Festivals have been encouraging along the way. Behind that is what really influences us and that is this - that the Bagpipes are played from your heart ♥ and behind your heart is your soul and that's where we play from in hopes to influence others!

Set List:
A variety to choose from-
-Irish Set
-Scottish Set
-American Set
-Wedding Set
-Holiday Set
-Football Set
-Military Set
-Memorial/Funeral Set
-Mix Set
-Musical Selection Assistance