Justin Stern

DJ Open Format

DJ JAS’s extensive knowledge of all types of music and genres enables him to skillfully cater to any type of audience. Known as the “Party Rocking DJ,” DJ JAS’s background in private events and weddings, along with his past experience in the club scene, give him the ability to feel out a crowd within seconds. Rather than focusing on one particular genre, he is considered an “Open Format DJ,” as his sets span across multiple musical genres and decades with perfectly timed-out, smooth, seamless, and creative transitions. DJ JAS is known for exceptional and skillful mixing talents, but it is his ability to always play the right track at the most perfect time, as so few DJs can. His sets are full of excitement always keeping the crowd entertained, ensuring a packed dance floor that is full of energy and good vibes. Guaranteed REAL DJing, beat-mixing, and excellent crowd-reading abilities.