DJ Diph

DJ Open Format

DJ Diph (aka Joseph McKinney III) is known for his seamless blends of music from various era’s in a way that evokes DANCING!! Born in Detroit in 1980, he got his start in 1996 blending “Detroit House” AKA “BOOTY” Music, with RnB, Soul, and Hip-Hop Tracks! Learning his craft before the age of digital mixing and MP3’s, he understands the true meaning of what it is to DJ, citing local influences of DJ WaxTax-N-Dre, DJ Kutz, DJ Butcher, and also nationally known artist like, Biz Markie, and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

DJ Diph has released several mixes and mixtapes for the public over the last 5 years with great success under his own label King Vester Records. Expanding his distribution from out of his backpack, to Barber shops, to Package stores, and now in local record stores.

Performing at a wide range of events, from Wedding Ceremonies & School parties to corporate events & monthly residencies, to specialty functions at nightclubs and comedy shows, DJ Diph can truly do it all. A semifinalist in the 2011 & 2013 Michigan DJ Olympics, DJ Diph always looks to push himself. To put it in a nutshell, he is DIPH’rent!