The Wood Vibrations

Rock Band

American Band

The Wood Vibrations are a three piece acoustic based band who play a wide variety of music from the 50's through today. The goal of the band is to redefine the "acoustic band" format by avoiding the cliches. The idea of playing as a three piece "acoustic" band has certain advantages. The band requires less space than most traditional bands and also has more control over their volume. Though you'll hear some songs you'd probably expect to hear from a band with acoustic instruments, what separates The Wood Vibrations is the repertoire of songs you wouldn't expect. Along with classics from the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel, their performances also include lots music from artists like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, Prince, ect... The the two most common comments the band receives are: "I can't believe you guys did THAT song" and "I can't believe how much sound you put out with just three people!" Along with the acoustic instrumentation, the band has three vocalists, They spends a great deal of time arranging instrumentation and vocals to give them that "bigger than you'd expect" sound. With a list of songs that ranges from soft ballads to floor stomping dance anthems, The Wood Vibrations are a perfect fit for all types of events.