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The Pic And Bow

OlatheEnsemble: String$ / hour

We have a lot of fun and dynamic energy - musicians with different backgrounds creating a distinctive and quality musical experience. We share a wide variety of fun and inspirational music - country, classic rock, originals, and more!

$ *Price for a 2 hour performance, not including equipment.Equipment packages available:
+ $100
+ $300

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Planning a Wedding, Corporate or Private Celebration in Olathe can be stressful enough, and you want, of course, for everything to go off without a hitch.   Good Wedding, Corporate or Private Celebration music can really add to the atmosphere of the party, especially if it's live music that incorporates a little bit of everything to please each one of your guests.

Book a live band to play at your next event! We have a wide selection of live bands in Olathe that can satisfy any music taste, from classic rock to top 40 chart-toppers. Search through our listings above and find the perfect live band for your party in Olathe. Perfect for weddings, corporate parties and any other event. We're here to help you find the best live band that will play all of your favorite songs.

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We hope you choose one of our professional Live Bands in Olathe to play at your upcoming event. All of our Music Bands, Latin Bands, Rock Bands and Ensembles are trained in the latest styles and music for all tastes. Whether you want a full live band, a skilled DJ and MC or just a few musicians to play background music for your cocktail hour, we can provide that service as well.